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Bespoke software development

We'll deliver your bespoke software project on time and within budget - however complex it is.

Bespoke Software

Frederik Technologies is a custom software development agency in Hungary. We bulid powerful bespoke cloud-based digital solutions tailored to your business needs.

Modern, fast & efficient

It’s not just about installing new software. With minimum disruption we can rewrite and replace legacy systems that are slowing you down, helping you to work better and faster with modern technologies.

Adaptive & Cross-device

Your customers and employees are now using different devices to accomplish the same tasks. As a software development company, we are equipped with top web and mobile developers, conversant with the latest technologies to produce fast, secure and adaptive software.

Usable and Scalable

Our software developers and design team creates custom software that evolves and adapt in parallel with your customer demand or employee growth, so that you don’t keep revisiting the software in the future

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